Total Delt Development: A New Shoulder Exercise

Total Delt Development: A New Shoulder Exercise

Did We Invent a New Shoulder Exercise?

I once had a nagging shoulder issue that affected my upper body training. Once my biggest asset, my shoulders shrank down and became a weakness. And my pressing, which was my strength, went from great to barely average. I needed a new shoulder exercise.

While doing a seminar with coach Alex Babin, we decided to do a shoulder pump workout because the heaviest weights we had were 30-pound dumbbells. Just for fun, we came up with an exercise called “the victory raise.”

We got a great pump, and, oddly enough, my shoulder started feeling great.

Christian Thibaudeau

Do the victory raise early in your shoulder or pressing workout. It’ll turn everything on and lead to safer, more effective pressing.

Sets of 8-10 reps with fairly slow eccentrics/negatives are best.


This move basically combines all the benefits of a lateral raise, front raise, and band pull-apart. It hits all three heads of the deltoids as well as the rhomboids and lower traps.

The band keeps the scapula properly aligned, and you can’t compensate with the upper traps, making it a lot more effective at recruiting the delts.

Try it, and let me know what you think in the comments below!

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